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Arkham the Mudkip
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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Watch4Art! by MudkipWaterkip
So, some people pointed out about how we're too closed and don't talk too much about ourself. We have a few reasons why, but we don't like talking about these reasons since its more of a personal tale of our history. Since we try to keep our personal life and professional far away, we don't want fans worried or anything about why we're so closed like this. But we thought of making a journal talking about a few things about us that may be interesting to know.
  • The reason we say "We" instead of "I" is because of our multi-personality disorder. We know pretty much everyone knows this, but people asks us so often that might as well make a F.A.Q with only that one question. Some people has been disturbed by it, some even harassed us over it or mocked us. But normally people are nice and quite frankly always finds it interesting! Which makes us glad since means we're welcome here.
  • We try to stay kind to everyone at all times and help out anyone in need. We write nice comments, we eventually make nice gifts, and we'll always be there to show support to people.
  • We appreciate comments more than anything. Yes, favorite is appreciated, a watch is appreciated as long is for our art, but nothing is better than a comment or a critique. Even if its the shortest comment like "Nice" or "Cool", we appreciate from the bottom of our heart that you actually took time to write it down.
  • We love jokes, but can't make jokes. We have some sort of problem that when we're in the position of making comedy, we end up having a really hard time due to the fact we don't understand what can make people laugh in general. Whenever we make jokes, its always necessary context to be understood, and most of the time its context people don't know of.
  • We like to talk, a lot. We never shut up. If you get in a conversation with us, we might go on forever. We're like a bottomless well of content. From ideas for our comics, to stories of how we kill invisible spies in TF2. This is also when we're comedic the best, because we're funny by telling a funny story instead of making jokes along.
  • We can be salt. Like... The freaking U.K entire monopoly of Salt Industries. Yes, we're always nice and kind, but if we get really stressed out, we can be really salty. Although we're not that kinda of person that'll harass for no reason, we never go to that level. We end up presenting our opinion aggressively. We don't offend people, unless we want to.
  • We have trust issues. We have about 4ish friends because we force ourself to not trust people. Long story short, lots of crap happened to us that made us lose trust in anyone we meet. For that matter, we end up not being kind as we always has because of this. If you're in the need of help and we don't rise our hands to speak, means we're either unaware or we're unsure about trusting people. Has happened a lot lately in which we don't know if the people we're talking to are telling the truth, being an attention seeker, or being angsty as hell.
  • We're addicted to wine. Not alcoholic, just addicted to wine. We have control of when we want to drink, but when we do, we drink excessively. We got a really bad hang over the other day because we drank half-a-bottle of wine. This is actually the first time we're talking about this. We have no idea how we'll tell Pan about this.
  • We're in a relationship, their name is Pan, and we love them very much.
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is our favorite game of all time. We won't go through a huge review. Just accept it as a reality.
  • Mudkip is our favorite Pokemon, Oshawott 2nd, Treecko 3rd, Snivy 4th, Emolga 5th.
  • Our goal in here is to enlighten artists and give them content to inspire themselves on so they can create their own amazing comics and projects.
  • We're brazilians, but we have a real mix of an accent.
  • We're better at speaking/writing english than portuguese.
  • We're physically male, but we see ourself as bigender asexual.
  • We hate sex and anything related.
  • We put our projects as top priority, even at the point of putting our health and life in risk for our comics.

We think that's all, if you have any questions about us, feel free to ask and we'll answer it honestly.

Arkham Twins♪


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